Level 1 Internship


Once you decide you are indeed interested in this internship, I will create a letter of agreement that you and I will both sign indicating that we will both comply with the terms of this internship in exchange for web design/development training.

The letter of agreement will bind us to all the stipulations of the agreement so there is no confusion about what will and will not happen or what was and was not agreed upon.

Once you complete the internship successfully, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a detailed list of everything you did while employed as an intern. You will also have the option to ask for letters of reference if you are trying to apply for jobs once the internship is successfully completed.

Aside: If I decide to do Level 2 training sessions, then I will let you know, and you can decide whether you want to start another internship agreement to accumulate hours for the Level 2 training sessions.

Fill out and submit the following form if you’re interested in this internship: