Level 1 Internship

Courses are five (5) training sessions long and each training session is taught in three-hour increments.

Once the course is set, then we’re both committing to being available for those times and days.

You can take the training on-site in my home office, off-site via virtual classes through screen-sharing or through self-paced video tutorials.

If you decide to take the training on-site, then you can use one of my systems to take the training.

Every serious web designer/developer has his/her own license for the Adobe products.

If you decide to take the training off-site (virtual classes or self-paced video tutorials), then you are responsible for purchasing and installing any software that is needed to successfully complete the training.

Again, I will not provide you with licenses for any of the Adobe products if you decide you want to take the training off-site. You will be required to purchase your own licenses for the Adobe products.

Do not try to rely on the trial versions of the Adobe applications. Adobe does not allow for 30-day trials anymore. The new length of trials is seven (7) days.

Life happens, and there may be an unavoidable situation that requires you to have to cancel a training session.

If you cancel a training session, then you have one time to reschedule and make up that training session.

If you have to cancel the same training session again, then you forfeit the hours for that training session.

You can still take the training session that is missed, but three (3) more work session hours will be deducted to cover the canceled training session.

If I have to cancel a training session more than once, then you do not forfeit those hours, and I will make sure that training session happens as soon as possible.