Web Design/Redesign Worksheet

This is a somewhat exhaustive form. It will take you some time to complete it.

Before you can receive an initial quote from Hyper-linx Website Enhancement Services, you must complete all required fields in this form.

Your answers will determine specific pricing for your needs.

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Even if some of the information seems redundant, please complete this form in its entirety. Every question is asked for a reason.

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Your budget

  • Please be transparent and honest. The purpose of this question is NOT to try to use every penny that you have in your budget. It is to determine whether your budget will cover all the things you want for your site. If it doesn't, Hyper-linx can at least create a quote that contains all the things that you can have on your site for your budget.

Your Vitals


Which do you need?


The Basics


Site Maintenance


Who are you trying to reach with your content?


Your Assets

  • Unless you choose to have content creation/content editing included in your quote, it will be your responsibility to provide all written content for your site, including having checked said content for typos, grammatical errors and structure? Hyper-linx will simply copy/paste what you provide.
  • Artwork and images are usually supplied by you, the client, but Hyper-linx can do this for you. Be aware that if Hyper-linx does this for you, it will add to the cost of your project.

Your timeframe

  • Projects that need to be completed in less than 21 days are considered "RUSH" jobs. This MAY increase the price of your quote, depending on your overall needs.



Search Engine Optimization

  • When Hyper-linx is creating/redesigning your site, basic optimization will be built into all the tasks performed, but there are advanced SEO techniques that will add to the cost of your quote.

Your site's appearance

  • Whether this is a redesign or a new site, please list the URLs of at least three (3) other sites that are similar to or contain elements that you would like to see on your site.

Your website layout...


Additional Services and Features


Additional information