Level 1 Internship

Whether working remotely or onsite, Saturdays are optional, and the same work session hours apply if you decide you want to work on a Saturday and I am available to accommodate the work session.

If your work sessions are both on-site and remote, then at least six (6) hours per week will be necessary for this arrangement to work.

No work sessions will happen on Sundays, even if you are working remotely.

Each week by Wednesday, you will let me know your availability for the following week. I’ll check those days against my schedule, and then I’ll send you a final schedule for the following week by Friday of the current week.

I’ll have specific tasks for you to accomplish during each work session, and your completion of those tasks will directly affect my ability to complete the next phase of the task at my level.

When you commit to specific days/times, then I’m depending on you to be available on those specific days/times.

If you are repeatedly late for work sessions, whether you work remotely or onsite, repeatedly cancel work sessions or repeatedly miss work sessions, then I will have no choice but to end the internship.

I am in no way making any assumptions about your work ethic. I just want to be upfront and clear about what will happen if the level of consistency necessary for this internship to work isn’t met.

Please keep in mind that you will be able to ask me for a reference when you complete this internship, and I will be able to itemized all the skills you have gained via the tasks I set you and the training you will complete. I will not provide a reference for those who are late, inconsistent or who do not complete the internship.

You must complete at least 45 work session hours before you can start your first training session.

If you decide you do not wish to continue with the internship, or if I have to end the internship because you have not consistently completed the weekly work sessions, and either of these things happen before you complete at least 30 work session hours, then you void our agreement and forfeit the option for training.

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