Level 1 Internship


This internship can be done remotely or onsite.

You can use a PC or Mac.

If the internship is done remotely, we will agree on your work session hours prior to the beginning of your internship. We will use Slack as our collaborative tool for communication. You will receive an invite, so there’s nothing you need to set up now. I don’t like talking on the phone much at all. It gets in the way of my productivity, so phone conversations would be minimal unless we need to speak and do a screen-share so that I can explain something to you that doesn’t make sense via Slack or the video tutorials I provide.

At least six (6) hours per week will be necessary for this arrangement to work if you are working remotely.

Also, you must have access to the most recent version of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. You must also have accounts with Dropbox (with enough space to share files) and LastPass (password manager). Both Dropbox and LastPass have free levels. You don’t have to upgrade Dropbox unless you run out of space, but you will need to have the premium version of LastPass. This is necessary for me to be able to share login credentials with you without actually giving you my login credentials over non-secure channels.

If the internship is done onsite, the work session will be 10a to 12p or 1p to 3p each day, Mondays through Fridays, in my home office (onsite). Please note that it is either/or and not both on the same day.

If the internship is done onsite, and you arrive after your designated start time, your work session will still end at your designated end time. You do not have the option of arriving late and staying past the designated end time to make up the time you were late.

Please text or email me if you are going to be late, and please indicate in your text or email the time you expect to be on-site for the work session.

If you know you’re going to be more than 60 minutes late, then please do not come that day. This will be considered a missed work session. if you are scheduled for one time block, you cannot then show up for a different time block without receiving permission to do so at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the day of that particular work session.

Even though my office is in my home, it is still my place of business during business hours, and I expect its designation to be respected.

At least three (3) work sessions per week will be necessary for this arrangement to work if you are working on-site.

Because of my own commitments, it may be that you are available but I am not, so please consider this even if you are available everyday in any given week.

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