Level 1 Internship

This internship is for those, ages 13 and up, who are interested in learning the fundamentals of web design and development. No prior knowledge of web design/development is required, but you must be comfortable with using a computer and working with multiple browser tabs.

This is a 1-for-1 exchange internship, where no money changes hands.

For each one (1) hour of work you do for me, I will provide you with one (1) hour of web design/development training.

This internship will end once you have completed 105 work session hours.

Why 105 hours?

105 hours is the equivalent of the hours for all the Level 1 training courses. Since you are working in exchange for training, it won’t make sense for you to keep working when there’s no more training sessions to take.

I am hiring up to five (5) interns. No CV needed. Some prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is helpful but not necessary. You must be able to read, write, speak English fluently; spelling, grammar and punctuation matter. There is no age minimum or maximum on this internship opportunity.

You must be available to start the internship within a week from submitting the form at the end of this information. If you are not ready to start within a week, then please do not submit the form until within a week of being ready to start working. I will not hold a place for you longer than 5 to 7 days. After that, the slot will go to someone else.

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