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If your task does not appear here within 30 minutes of you making your request during my official works hours, please email me right away.
Any time you see a box like this appear between task IDs, it means something has come up at the last minute that can’t be put off and will push your task a bit farther down in the queue. Usually, this will be website maintenance issues that cannot be put off.
Task ID: M9TEBN5U58
Task ID: 7YRHKC38C3
WordPress pushed out a core files update, and Elementor has pushed out three updates in as many days, so I had to get all my sites and your sites–72 of them–updated to make sure none were affected by the vulnerabilities the new patches are designed to guard against. In order to make sure no sites crash and I don’t know why they’ve crashed, I do my updates manually, site by site. It is very time-consuming on the front end of the task, but it keeps me from having to spend hours and hours on the back end of the task to figure out what went wrong on so many different sites.
Task ID: QI3Q3T682N
Task ID: